Dispositivo de Aperto SZM-Longstar

Marca: Modelo: SZM-Longstar

Benefits for your production:

  • increases the productivity of your machine tools
  • improves the quality of your products
  • enables the machining of a workpiece range


  • increased drilling and turning power by improved axial clamping force, stiffnes and torque transmission
  • improved machining quality with better runout accuracy (< 0,02 mm)
  • increased runout accuracy for the whole clamping range of 0,5 mm
  • precise vibrationless clamping even at high speeds
  • chip prevention by rubber elements
  • breakage of the collet not possible

Application range:

  • all solid collet cucks (pressure clamping) in turning lathes
  • preferable in Swiss-type machines


  • compact segment collets with «true parallel diameter gripping» and rubber rebound elasticity
  • clamping range: 0,5 mm
  • usable at large diameter tolerances
  • transverse grooving for improved chucking force and dust protection
  • easy replacable with solid collets series F in existing chucks