Pinças de Pressão, Alimentação e de Envolver

Marca: Modelo: Pinças

Collets on pressure:

  • Collets on pressure are pushed against the contact face of the locknut by the sliding sleeve.
  • The collet closes because of the interaction of the cones of sliding sleeve and collet. 
  • Up to a clamping diameter of 8 mm, collets on pressure are produced with a plain bore by default. Larger clamping diameters are fitted with grooved bores. Hexagonal and square bores are also grooved. We deliver those collets directly from our stock. Additional designs are available on request.

Feed collets:

  • Feed collets for single spindle machines are used to move the material forward in automatic lathes. Feed collets are devided into internal and external (feed) collets.
  • The diameter of the clamping determines which of the two types has to be used.
  • Feed collets are manufactured with a plain clamping bore by default. In case you have additional demands, such as grooved collets we can manufacture those collets on request.

Draw-in collets:

  • The collet is drawn into the spindle seat by turning the drawbar onto the threat.The collet closes because of the interaction of the cones of spindle seat and collet. Draw-in collets are used on various machines, such as toolroom precision cathes.