Dobradeira Eletrica CNC

Marca: DENER Modelo: Servo Brake

DENER CNC Servo Brakes are no-hydarulic, flexible, reliable and advance bending machines. Next generation machine idea combines  green-eco firendly machines productivity, accuracy, flexibility and reliability. The new concept offers low power consuption, less maintenance, no hydarulic oil for operation. 

Dener Electrical Press brake comes with advance CNC controller, fast and acucrate punch and die clamping multi axis back gauge system. Operatores simply make perfect sheet metal parts with very low cost.
Dener utilizes the most stringent manufacturing technologies during the production to manufacture highest quality machines. Standard Dener elctrical press brake comes with:

  • 2D Grahical CNC controller offers simple operation,
  • quick and easy 2D or numerical part programming
  • easy setup of the machine,
  • auto calculation of the bend sequence.


2D offline programming feature which is gives possibility to end users to complete bending program on Office PC and transfer to machine by LAN or usb.